Workshop WG 2: Develop concepts for training workshops to enhance synergies between citizen science and education

Time: 15-17.3.2018 (15.03. 7 pm)                                                                                             

Place: Leysin American School, Leysin, Switzerland                                                                   

The workshop will be hosted at the Leysin American School (Switzerland) from Thursday evening, March 15th 2018 to Saturday evening, March 17th 2018, with the option to stay on Sunday. It overlaps with the Leysin American School’s “GLOBE Day” student science conference, hosted on March 16th 2018, in which around 200 students are expected.

The workshop will provide opportunities to (a) exchange with students participating in Citizen Science programs and test with them some ideas, short projects or prototypes; (b) exchange with colleagues (educational researchers, scientists, science educators, and teachers) on how best to connect citizen science to formal and informal education; (c) get inspiration from successful citizen science projects with educational dimensions and learn from their concepts for training citizen scientist; (d) discuss opportunities, limits, and relevant approaches for citizen science in schools; (e) create short training videos for the educational community.  

The workshop is designed to favor inspiration and critical discussion between participants from different communities:  educational researchers, scientists, science educators, and teachers. It is intended for people for wish to reflect collectively and creatively on synergies between citizen science and education, especially schools.

Call for Application  

If interested: please, send one page motivation letter to Laure Kloetzer (laure [dot] kloetzer [at] unine [dot] ch), John Harlin (jharlin [at] las [dot] ch) and Silvia Winter (silvia [dot] winter [at] boku [dot] ac [dot] at) no later than by 24th January, 2018 that shall include the following:

  • A short description of yourself (see additional priority criteria to address) and your motivation to participate.

As only a limited number of participants will be subject to COST full funding, two sets of criteria for participants’ selection are presented below.

General criteria for selection

  • Experience in linking Citizen Science and informal/formal education
  • Experience on different training concepts for enhancing synergies between citizen science and learning

Additional priority criteria

  • Geographical spread
  • Career stage (particularly involving early career investigators)
  • Gender balance
Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 19:15 to Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 19:15
Leysin American School, Chemin de la Source 3
1854 Leysin