Working Group 4 - Enhance the role of CS for civil society

WG4 ‘Enhance the role of CS for civil society’ focuses on issues that are relevant to the volunteers in citizen science. The objectives of this working group are to raise awareness of the volunteers’ aims, needs and requirements from citizen science and the results that citizen science contributions have in their lives, as well as the implications for developing social innovation interventions.

Due to the complexity and the importance of this WG there are several themes that currently we use to promote collaboration, exchange and share of knowledge within this COST action.

We call these subgroups and include (but not limited to)

1. Approaches to investigation and identification of ‘volunteers’

2. The role of volunteers in the design and use of citizen science technologies

3. Volunteers’ motivations

4. Degrees of public participation in scientific research, outputs and outcomes.

If you are interested in any of the listed themes, or you want to propose a new one, please contact Artemis Skarlatidou or Loreta Tauginiene to find out more information.

News from Working Group 4