Workshop Report WG 5: Geneva Declaration on Citizen Science Data and Metadata Standards


Switzerland, Geneve | June 6, 2018


Luigi Ceccaroni (chair), Rob Lemmens, Jaume Piera, Jakub Trojan, Vyron Antoniou, Lucy Bastin, Sven Schade, Maryam Lotfian, Santiago Martínez De La Riva, Friederike Klan, Gilles Falquet, Sarah Newman, Jessie Oliver, Jonathan Brier, Russell Scarpino, Greg Newman, Anne Bowser, Joan Masó, Karel de Pourcq, Peter Brenton

Purpose of the Workshop

With the growth of citizen science comes the challenge of coordinating people, projects, and data. This challenge also presents an opportunity. Through the use of data and metadata standards and other mechanisms to promote interoperability, we can support multiple research questions and use cases across numerous science domains, allowing citizen science to help address issues and problems on local, regional, national, and global scales. WG 5 published, in close cooperation with CSA, ACSA and ECSA, a report including the Geneva Declaration on Citizen Science Data and Metadata Standards. This declaration is about the development of a recommendation on how to represent data and metadata in citizen science."

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Read here the Minutes of WG5 workshop in Geneva, June 2018 | Geneva Declaration on Citizen Science Data and Metadata Standards

Preavious Mettings ´

Prospective Meetings

  • The next meeting will be in Riga later in 2018 (to be confirmed), and the following one in Enschede, Netherlands, on March 21-22, 2019


  • luigi [at] 1000001labs [dot] org (subject: %5BCS%20Cost%20Action%5D) (Luigi Ceccaroni)